Sunday, December 14, 2008

Peace on earth and pieces of art...

Greetings all:

Here is our wish for this holiday season: May you find, by whatever means, lasting inner peace...and may you pass the wisdom and creative energy engendered by this peace to your loved ones and to all those who's lives you touch... and by reaching a critical mass of peaceful human beings, may we truly achieve peace on earth.

Ok, so having finally semi-organized digital representations of Lee's work over the past several years, I offer up than initial selection. 

Her "turtle baret, " created for her first Art & Soul in 2006, reads "coming out of my shell" and her work really took off after that...I bathed in the passion and magic of it.

Then  her last set of canvases, started during a class at Asilomar in April of this year, and continuing through early October.

I thank all of you for all of your kindness, love, spirit and for just being in our lives...


cuzzin said...

Beautiful work! I can't wait to see it in person.

kecia said...

wow! the canvas sets are just beautiful - i am amazed at the colors, the beauty, the textures, etc. i am in love with #7 and #9 ("hope"). could you tell me what it says on the arm of the lady in #7?

kecia said...

whoops, i'm sorry, #6 is the one i was refering to where something is written across her arm.