Sunday, December 28, 2008

Memorial Scholarship Fund...

Glenny Densem-Moir of Art and Soul Retreats ( ) and I have frequently been asked if there were a way to make a charitable donation in LeeAnne's name. Today,I would like to announce that we are in the process of setting up a tax-exempt nonprofit scholarship fund in her memory. One purpose of the fund, amongst others, would be to offer the experience of attending an Art & Soul retreat to those who are unable to afford it (e.g. students). For those wishing to donate to the fund, checks can be made out to "The LeeAnne Wallace Memorial Art & Soul Scholarship Fund") and mailed to our home at the following address:

David Granovetter
209 Sherry Court
San Jose, CA 95119

An alternate way of making a charitable contribution to the fund would be as follows (as previously posted, but with a new twist):

For Lee, creating art was her soul work. Her passion. Her meditation. Her art was inherently linked to her connection to the endless seasons and cycles of life and to her eclectic spirituality. She would continually encourage our children, other young people who hung out in our garage/studio (and all others for that matter) to follow their life's passion, whatever that may be. To that end, it would also honor her greatly for anyone to do just that: Create a work of art of any type and donate it to the fund. It would later be auctioned off at one of the Art & Soul retreats and the proceeds donated to the scholarship fund.

More details will be forthcoming as the fund criteria is finalized. Glenny, myself and others, had the opportunity to discuss this with Lee before she died. Her soul was touched deeply by these plans and she was so thrilled. She will be guiding us throughout the process.

I can also be reached via email ( or cell phone (408 202 0504).


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kecia said...

i love all the plans - i'd be happy to donate to the scholarship (i'll donate what i can as $ is a bit tight these days..) and create a piece to be auctioned off as well. anything to particpate and remember my friend.