Thursday, December 4, 2008

Last (?) letter from LeeAnne


During this past week, while exploring LeeAnne's writings and journals, I came upon this email, saved as a draft and dated 11/14/08. I recall her struggling with composing it and how long it took to get the words just right. It was to be the last email she composed, and these words were intended for all of you.

My dearest friends,

Sometimes we pop our heads up long enough to to watch the sunset slowly trickle across the strips of our backs only to return to the ebb and flow that seem to be the the contrasting of our days . Other days, we are propelled into someone else's reality that makes us realize that no man is an island unto itself. For you see, the bell does not toll just for me.
Rather it tolls for you and me.

Thank you. Look for blog by early next week.

I Love all of you.


(Wow! Her reference to the wondrous and mystical interconnectivity of all things was a common topic of our conversations, usually in the wee hours of the morning, sharing coffee or tea and sitting in Lee's garage-turned-art-studio).

I have posted some slide shows from the past 4 months, and will set up some links to others. Lee's 45th birthday party's theme was "Marilyn Monroe." You see, Lee was adopted and often joked about her fantasy that Marilyn was her birth mother (hence, all the MM look-alikes in the party photos).

I am continually grateful to all of you for your loving emails, blogs, notes, calls, prayers and thoughts.



kecia said...

thanks for sharing. she was very insightful and so courageous. i wonder about myself had the situation been reversed. how would i handle myself, conduct myself, would i be angry, scared, depressed - what? she just had the most wonderful spirit about her life. once again, tears trickle from my eyes - but i'd like to think as something positive (like remembering to appreciate life!) and not sadness that she has left us. i just love the slide shows, thanks so much. i'm sure as difficult and fresh as it is, it is also healing for you to be sharing like this.

Lou McCulloch said...

So beautiful- which only could come from a beautiful soul. ~Lou