Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Latest news is not so great :(

This post, once again, is from Lee's life partner Dave. Our friend and angel has had a rough time the past 6 weeks but kept plugging along, getting things done until just over a week ago. After the expedition to Portland, we did the whole radiation thing which probably helped somewhat in poviding relief during the ensuing months..During this time we took a trip to Lake Tahoe, which is the one other place (other than Portland) which Lee wanted to see again while still alive. Her sister Leslie had wanted to give Lee the gift of a trip anywhere she wanted, and this was that gift.

We spent the weekend at a gorgeous home right on the lake (north shore area, for those of you who are familiar with Tahoe) with perfect weather for late October: 70's and no wind. The lake was crystal clear and the reflections of the moon spectacular. It was just our immediate family (Lee and I, Porter and Laurel - JoAnna didn't come because she came up from San Diego to visit us the following week for Laurel's Birthday) and Leslie's (herself, husband Doug and daughter, Kiely)....The weekend included great family meals, sitting watching the lake, and of course art work. Lee led a session with Kiely, Laurel and Leslie doing artist trading cards...Kiely picked up on this amazingly well (she is 11) turning out more than a dozen cards in an afternoon. Of course, we had the obligate trip to the closest (and only local) scrapbook store in Truckee , about 15 mi away for supplies.

Unfortunately, the trip did take a physical toll on Lee (the altitude is mostly > 6000 feet) and she continued to get weaker (but still working in her beloved garage/art studio) until a few weeks ago. During a wonderful visit from Uncle Gene from Minnesota(her deceased mom's brother) she was able to take care of many things she wanted to in terms of reaffirming a loving connection to that side of her family, and made sure that her uncle took back with him any family items or pictures he desired. Afterwards, her illness took over with more of a downhill course and she has been on hospice care at home for the past few weeks. I, and many others, have lost Lee (for now) as a companion, but have accepted her as that earthly being who is now in our care as agents tasked to provide comfort and peace for her as she makes this final transition on her journey.

I'll keep posting to the blog and look for collections of photos from the past few months.

My blessings and wishes for peace and happiness to you all.


slowknowing said...

Sending prayers.

Denise S. said...

Thoughts and prayers for all of you

kecia said...

i'm heartbroken to hear this news. i had so hope that things would turn out differently. as i hugged her goodbye in Portland, i tried to really hug her in earnest, not knowing if i would ever see my friend again. i'm so sorry guys with all my heart. i am grateful that she had that lovely trip to Tahoe, which is a beautiful, gorgeous place. how wonderful to spend her time doing art and gazing at that incredible lake. i too went to Tahoe during a time of crisis, so i have fond memories of the goodness there. my blessings and thoughts for my dear sweet friend and her lovely family,

Brenda said...

May God bless you all..............I am keeping you in my thoughts.
brenda bliss

Sandra L. said...

Dave, God bless you and Lee and your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Lory Newsom said...

Dave an Family...I met LeeAnne briefly at Portland A&S. Before that I got to know about her on the Yahoo Group and sent my prayers for her. I could tell how much others love and respect her/ Today as I read her (Dave's) blog, and the latest update on this illness, I sit with sadness for you all, yet also am so touched by the love, creativity, amazing strength and courage you all have How lucky to have a Red Carpet 45th birthday and a loving weekend at Lake Tahoe..I will keep you all in my prayers and that LeeAnne's suffering is minimal. Peace in life and Peace in death. May her spirit muse be with you always...Lory

Doris A said...

My heart, thoughts and love gove out to you all. No words can express how deeply we are touched and moved. May the journey be gentle.

Beth said...

Dave, thank you for this update. I only know Lee through the A&S group, but I so appreciate hearing about the wonderful Tahoe trip and all the family time you've had lately. Sending good thoughts! Beth

LK said...

Oh, please kiss her cheek, if you can, for me.

When we reached this place with my father, we sat with him and touched him, cared for his needs, and told each other funny and happy stories about our lives with him. When my father finally moved to the next place, he journeyed from a room filled warm laughter and love into the light and the love from those who went before. Surrounded with love. I know that is what you all are making for Lee right now.

You are all in my prayers.

Michele said...

I am so thankful for Leanne's deep, heartfelt hug at Art and Soul. I was struck by her all knowing wisdom and her spirit filled with unconditional love. She is with a very special group of angels now and will always be in our hearts.